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Wild Operation launches new Greenability website


In 2023, longtime client Greenability approached us about creating new website. We love conservation, sustainability, and, of course, WordPress, so this project was right up our alley. We were happy to be asked to take part.

Greenability is a digital magazine that provides sustainable living news, events, job listings, and more. Their primary focus is Kansas City, MO and the surrounding areas.

Custom theme development

At its core, Greenability is a robust blog with quality content. Our initial focus was how to present that content to users in a digestible way. We started by migrating their large amount of existing posts and consolidating them into browsable topics.

Greenability underwent some minor rebranding by switching to lighter, earthy tones. This change keeps the content in focus.

Job listings

Greenability has long offered a standalone job board where companies can post sustainability-related jobs. As part of this project, we rolled the board into the site to create a more integrated experience. An e-commerce component was added, allowing companies to pay for featured job listings.

Much more than a blog

While the primary focus of Greenability is news articles, they offer plenty of other content: Events with submissions from the community, marketplace listings of recommended businesses, and more. All of these features were integrated into the custom theme to create a seamless experience for visitors.


Greenability sells advertising to businesses in their niche. This project was built before our product Ad Commander was launched. Instead, we combined custom theme functions with an existing ad plugin to create an easy-to-manage system for administrators.